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Spiritual Healing

This morning I was awake before dawn.  I opened the curtains to watch the sunrise from our bed that looks out on windows to the eastern sky.  I crawled back under the blankets, turned on my night light, and picked up my Daily Light devotional.  My focus was divided between the scriptures I was meditating on and the sky.  The world before me was dark.  I looked down and read a few more lines.  I became aware of more light around me.  I looked up, and the sky was no longer black, but a soft blue, interspersed with patches of vibrant pink, as the sun came up over the horizon.  My life has been like the dawn.  The Son of God has risen multiple times in my heart, bringing light and spiritual healing.

You can read about the spiritual healing of my marriage on the book page of this blog.

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Intimacy with God and Married Intimacy

This morning I was challenged by Beth Moore, via her DVD presentation from  Jesus, The One and Only, a Bible Study.  Teaching on the Transfiguration of Christ (from Luke 9), she asked her listeners to rethink their mountain top experiences as those that have revealed who Jesus really is.  According to that definition, some of my mountain top times have been the ones that I used to consider having happened in the valley or the pits.  If  intimacy with God comes from knowing who He really is, then some of those difficult times in my life deepened that intimacy, as He revealed Himself to me in those circumstances.   Had the love between my husband and I never died, I would have never experienced the wonder of knowing my Jesus as the one who makes all things new.   He resurrected the married intimacy between me and my husband and deepened my intimacy with Him.  Read about this resurrection of a marriage by going to the book page of this blog.

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