During 2011 people from all around our globe watched with pleasure as Prince William made his bride Katherine, a princess. Old and young alike enjoyed the real life fairy tale being dramatized on the world’s stage.

My fourth grandchild, Alyse, was barely a week old when her mommy, Heather, started calling her “Princess.”   Heather spoke this endearment with tender affection and concern.   The name embodied all her feelings of pride and joy over the uniqueness and wonder of her first born child.  How many mothers have known that their offspring are not ordinary but something akin to royalty?   That communicated feeling, that understanding, became the basis of Alyse’s self esteem, as it has for children through all generations.

I was struck with the reality of Alyse’s nickname, “Princess.”   God gave us the power to become His children by receiving His Son. (John 1:12)    The Church is made up of the adopted children of the King of Kings.  Those children are truly princes and princesses.   Jesus has promised that someday these children of God will reign with Him on earth.

Help us, Father, to remember we are royalty and help us to behave like it,  fulfilling all our responsibilities in the servant attitude of our Lord Jesus and enjoying all our privileges with humble gratitude.  

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