Autumn Rains and Prayer

Anne Lamont has said that there are only 3 kinds of prayer:  Wow, Thank You and Help.  There are seasons in my life when I am unable to pray with clarity of thought or length of time.   This current season of having my husband Howard engaged in a battle with cancer is one of those seasons.  I am distracted and unable to focus on anything but the urgent.  I find my prayers are mostly help and thank you.

Howard wanted the leaves removed before it rained last evening.  Yesterday’s prayers were: “Lord, help me get these leaves blown off the lawn before it rains,” and “Thanks for all my husband used to do, Father God.  I always appreciated him, I think, but this is a whole new level of gratitude.”

The rain is pouring down this morning.   I am saying. ” Wow! Thanks for helping me do the leaves before the rains came and thanks for saving me the work of having to water all my plants before winter sets in. ”

Perhaps the most profound prayers, the most effective prayers are these simple prayers voiced in humble faith when I am at the end of myself and desperate for help from the Father in Heaven.

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2 Responses to Autumn Rains and Prayer

  1. Barbara Hoglund Iwarsson

    Mary, all God wants is our moment to moment dialogue, for big and small things…like healing and leaf blowing. He knows it all already and what our needs are so I often say, “thank you, Jesus” a lot during the day for His intercession before I have even asked. It’s wonderful that we can talk to him anytime, anywhere, with one word or many, but I think it’s the gratitude prayers He probably loves the most. I’m picturing your yard free from leaves and now replenished with fall rains. May you both be replenished and encouraged today. Hugs, Barb

  2. Mary . . . Richard Foster in his book entitled Prayer, speaks of “simple prayer”.
    It’s when we bring ourselves before God just as we are, warts and all.
    He says that “simple prayer” is the most common form of prayer found
    in the Bible. So you are in good company when you offer up these prayers of
    help and thank you. Remember others are praying too . . . I am!

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