Prayer Metaphor


Coverings come in different sizes and forms.  They are a provision.   They warm, although sometimes they cool.  They often protect and shelter.   I am grateful for a roof that doesn’t leak; a secure covering over my home.  Last summer I was thankful for the umbrella that shielded me from the hot sun when I sat at the patio table.   This winter, on these sub zero days, I am grateful for throws and blankets to snuggle under.   They keep me warm.

In Exodus 40: 34-38, we learn that a cloud covered the tabernacle and the Glory of the Lord filled that portable, moving place of worship.  The children of Israel did not break camp and travel unless the cloud over the tabernacle lifted.   The fire was in the cloud at night.   The cloud was God’s presence and provision.  His presence, His covering provided protection, light, warmth, guidance.   The cloud was His covering of love.

Our spiritual daughter, Linda, made a covering – a soft, warm throw.   She stitched it with love, packed it with love, and mailed it to us with love.  The throw arrived with a letter telling us to remember we are covered with her prayers and the prayers of others who love us during this winter that is devoted to fighting my husband’s lymphoma.

Our friend Jen fasted and prayed for Howard’s cancer to be less serious as he waited for his biopsy.   The fear of kidney cancer gave way to a diagnosis of lymphoma and words of hope regarding the efficacy of it’s treatment.  Our friend Nancy has prayed during every treatment that the chemotherapy would be filtered through the blood of Jesus and anointed to kill the cancer cells, while not harming the healthy cells.   There are prayers being spoken for us that we will never hear about.  There are blessings we will experience without ever realizing they are answers to prayers on our behalf.

When I snuggle under Linda’s throw, I feel warmed by the love of God’s people expressed through the covering of prayer.   I am thankful for this metaphor that reminds me of the real covering that exists over my husband and over me by the power of prayer.

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  1. Your insights and wisdom always amaze me, Mary. I’ve shared this blog with my Facebook friends. I know they will look at coverings and prayers in a whole new light because of you. I love you and Howard so much. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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