Falling In Love Every Morning


I recently watched a Hallmark movie titled: Remember Sunday.  The story was about a man who had suffered a cerebral aneurism and consequently lost his capacity to store memories.  He remembered all that had happened before his cerebral bleed but nothing afterward.  Each morning he awoke with no recall of yesterday.  To manage this challenge, he left himself notes on a computer and a note by his alarm clock to check his computer file first thing each morning.  He met a young woman whom he learned to love.   A long term relationship meant awakening each morning with no memory of her and only notes to remind himself that he had this relationship.  One morning while running with his brother he asked him whether it was possible to fall in love every day.  His brother’s wistful response was a rhetorical question – isn’t that what we all want?

Ah, what a question indeed.   Is that what all married couples long for?  Is it possible?  Is that what I long for with my husband and in my sacred romance with the Lord Jesus Christ?  Can I fall in love new every morning?

How do I fall in love new every morning?  I think it must involve seeing, seeing as if for the first time my beloved, really seeing, deep down seeing  – who he is and how he touches my heart.   Each morning I need to intentionally look to my husband’s strengths, not his weakness. So each morning I need to intentionally focus on my Savior’s attributes, and not my disappointments.

Oh, Lord Jesus, turn my eyes to you and to my husband every morning.  Open my eyes to see, really see both of you. Each sunrise may I find myself falling in love anew with you and with my husband.

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