A Coin With Two Sides

A year ago my husband fought a battle with stage 3 lymphoma.  I believed Jesus is the healer.  I believed Jesus could heal my husband.  I prayed believing for that healing, but I did not know whether the Lord would heal my husband on this earth or in heaven.

I prayed yielding my will and desires to the will and desires of  God for my husband.  These two truths freed me to yield to God:   We are always loved and God is always good – he is righteous and holy in all his ways.

Trust is like a two sided coin.  On one side is a believing face, and on the other side there is yielding face.  Trust is the sum of believing God and yielding to him.

Our Lord prayed for his Father to spare him from the suffering of the crucifixion.  He knew God could – he believed God could.  But in the end, he yielded his will to the will of God.

I think it is possible to believe God without yielding to him.   I think it is possible to yield to God without really believing him.  I want to keep trusting God like my Savior did, believing and yielding in tandem with all my heart and mind and soul.

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