Stones to Jewels

“You also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood.” I Peter 2:5

” “They shall be mine,” says the Lord of hosts, “on the day I make them my jewels.” ”  Malachi 3:17 (New King James Version)

One day last summer I was in my kitchen working while my grandson Chris was outside picking rock with his grandpa on our lot in the woods.   I heard the patio door open and close.   “Grandma, can I have a bucket, some soap, and a rag?”   I collected the requested items.   “Thanks,” he said as he bolted back outside with his cleaning supplies.   A little while later, I decided to wander outdoors and check out what my guys were washing.   I turned the corner of the house.   Grandpa was still picking rock.   Chris was bent over the bucket, scrubbing and rinsing stones, his favorite stones, the stones he was going to take home.   “Look at this one, Grandma.  Isn’t it pretty?   How about this one?   I really like it.”    So our Chris whose name had lately become Stone discovered a passion for stones.

Since that day, I can imagine God bending over His bucket of living stones.   He is working hard to remove all our dirt and grime.   After rinsing and drying us off, He puts us in the tumbler and begins the laborious process of polishing us.   At the end He takes us out, lifts us up, examines His work, and declares us His jewels, His inheritance.    “Look at this, would you?   Isn’t he a gem?   How about this one?  Isn’t she a beauty?”   There we are ready to make a building elegant or to adorn a crown.

Father, thanks for laboring over me.   Thanks for cleaning me up and making me shine.   It’s uncomfortable being scrubbed and tumbled, and I don’t like it very much, although someday it will be worth it all.   So have at it, Lord.

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