Pray Without Ceasing

“Pray without ceasing.”  I Thessalonians 5:17  ( New American Standard Version Bible )

Adreza, my son Joel’s wife, developed a blood clot in her abdomen early in her pregnancy.   Her physician told her that her life and the life of her unborn child were in danger.   She and Joel committed her life and the life of their baby into the care of Almighty God.   As Adreza began taking the subcutaneous injections of blood thinner each day, our family committed themselves to praying for her safety and the safety of the little life she carried.  We asked our churches to put Adreza on their prayer chains.  We called our friends asking for prayer.

During an ultrasound Joel learned he had a daughter and named her Anjela.  I began praying for my granddaughter by her name as I pleaded for her life and the life of her mother.   As I prayed, I imagined myself with my arms around Anjela.   One day my middle son Jim called to ask how his brother Joel and Adreza were weathering the crisis.  Jim said, “Mom, God has reassured me that Adreza and the baby are going to be fine, but we need to keep praying without ceasing for them.”

My older sister Mable, who lives in another state, did not know how I held my grandbaby in my arms as I prayed for her or that Jim had been challenged by the words from I Thessalonians 5.  One day that spring I found a package in the mail from my sister.  She had sent me a cross-stitch project she had found at a garage sale.  The pattern was of two adult arms encircling a baby.  The adult’s hand were folded in prayer.  The baby’s head rested on little hands also folded in prayer.   The words beneath the artwork were: Pray Without Ceasing.  To say I was stunned is not an exaggeration.  I called my sister to thank her and to let her know that she had just participated in a God thing.  She told me that she had picked the project up and put it down several times before she purchased it.

I began stitching it, as I continued to pray without ceasing.  I finished the project, framed it, and gave it to Adreza before her  delivery.   Anjela Calazans Stone was born healthy and whole on August 11, 2006.   We thanked God and rejoiced over the lives of the baby and her mother.

Father, You are a God of wonder and miracles.  Words can’t do justice to the gratitude I feel, but you know my heart.  Thank You.

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