Guidance and Tundra Swans

One gray, cold day late in October many years ago, my husband, Howard, and I were traveling home to Minneapolis from Michigan. We pulled into a rest area on Interstate 94 in Wisconsin. While Howard used the facilities, I looked at a map. My eyes focused on the spot where I 90 splits from I 94 and turns west to LaCrosse on the Mississippi. Then my eyes crossed the river and followed it north to the Twin Cities. Suddenly I felt a longing to take a new route and observe the scenery along the waterway. When Howard returned to the car, I asked, “Hey, Honey, would you be willing to change our usual route home?” Even though it was not a good day to be sightseeing, my husband agreed to my proposed adventure. We crossed the bridge in LaCrosse and turned north on the road that winds along the Mississippi between the high bluffs that border it to the east and west. The sun began shinning on the water through a break in the clouds. Then I noticed a row of large, white birds flying over the river. Knowing by their shapes they weren’t egrets, I wondered what they were. We soon passed them. A few miles ahead, I saw a large number of the same birds swimming in the shimmering water. We turned a curve where the road came close to the shore, and I gasped. To my astonished pleasure I was looking at swans, hundreds of them. Later that day I learned the river is a fly way for the Tundra Swans each spring and fall on their migrations.

I thanked God that day for guiding me to a new road home. I marveled over the love that surprised me with beautiful swans because He knew they would give me joy. Later that experience became an object lesson. It was as if God questioned me, “If I can guide you to the river at the exact moment the Swans are there, can’t you trust Me to guide your steps and decisions in other matters as well?”

Lord, my trust in Your guidance has grown. When I am tempted to doubt, remind me of the Tundra Swans.

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