I Think She Loves You

My granddaughter Julia and I established our relationship when she was only five months old.  She was an alert baby, all smiles, and busy learning to make sounds.  One day while visiting at her home, I bent down over her infant seat, smiled, and began talking to her.  She responded with bright eyes, a big grin, and her infant babbles.  After I replied, she further delighted me with sweet coos.  Her big brother Noah, who was four at the time, heard our conversation, walked over next to me, and observed us.  He looked at his baby sister, and he looked at his grandma.  He looked back at her, he looked back at me, and then he emphatically spoke his conviction, “I think she loves you.”

Noah knew Julia loved me because she was bright, with joyful smiles and animated conversation in my presence.

Lord, may others know I love You because I am radiant in Your presence.  May I worship You with uninhibited joy.  May I share my thoughts and feelings with You, as freely as Julia shared some of her first babbles with me.   I want You to know I love You.

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