God’s Gracious Love

“We love because He first loved us.”  I John 4:19

According to the NIV Compact Dictionary of the Bible by Douglas and Tenney, grace is: “the undeserved favor and kindness of God and the sustaining influence enabling the believer to persevere in the Christian life.”

As a toddler, my first-born grandson, Noah James, greeted me with big smiles.  He came through the doorway of my home, giggling with delight.  His pleasure in seeing me and spending time with me made my day.  Being with him gave me joy.  He loved me because I first loved him.  My love for him took root and grew over the months his mother carried him in her womb, long before I knew him.  I loved him simply because he was and because he was my son’s son.  Noah did not have to do anything to earn or sustain my favor and kindness which are evidences of my unconditional love for him.

Noah has become a handsome young man of fifteen.  The last time I saw him, he greeted me with a mega watt smile that nearly stopped my heart, that nearly took my breath away.  How blessed beyond measure I have been to be the recipient of his love and grace toward me.

Father, thank you for loving me first, long before I loved You.  Thank You for the kindness and favor that I have not deserved but which You have lavished on me again and again.  I am glad I can hang out with You at Your place today.  I am knocking on Your door with a grin on my face, giggling with delight.  I hope that gives You joy, just like the joy Noah brings me.

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