Simple Pleasures

When Alyse was four, she spent an extended spring weekend at my home.  On Sunday after church, she colored and made some art projects.  Then Papa and I took her to the park in our neighborhood.  We walked while she skipped between us, holding our hands.  She played on the climbing bars and enjoyed the slide and swings.  When we returned home, since it was unseasonably warm, she asked for some water to play in the backyard.  She carried some small plastic dogs and cats outside where she and Papa gave them baths.  She made a game of hiding her freshly scrubbed pets, and Papa had to find them.   I interrupted their play to call them in for a simple meal.  It had been a quiet day filled with simple pleasures, but Alyse expressed extravagant thankfulness as she ate her dinner.  “I had such a good day.  It was soooooooo much FUN!  I just love playing at the park.”  Her little face glowed with happiness.   Her joy warmed my heart and made the uneventful day memorable.

Oh, God, how I want to be like four-year-old Alyse.  Please restore me to the innocence of childhood and grant that I would take pleasure in the simple gifts and wonders of each day.  Help me, Lord of Creation, to remember You hold my hand, like I held Alyse’s.   Remind me each night to thank You for the good day You shared with me. 

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