A Perfect Day

When our step grandson, Thiago, was sixteen, he spent most of the summer in Brazil with his father.   He flew back to his home in Denver with his Brazilian grandparents, Ivonette and Wesley.  They stopped in Minneapolis so that he could introduce his grandparents to us.  The five of us spent a simple day together while Thiago translated.  He was delighted to have his Brazilian family get acquainted with his U.S. family.  We took them to the Sculpture Gardens and drove them around the city.  Thiago was the leader and set the agenda.  We ended the evening over dinner at a sidewalk cafe downtown because Uncle Jon was working late at the office and meeting nearby was most convenient for him.   As we lingered over a good meal in the warm twilight, Thiago leaned toward me and sighed, “It’s been a perfect day.”

His statement reminded me of a few lines from a favorite movie of mine: The Ultimate Gift.   In this movie a young man asked a small girl, who was dying of leukemia, “So, Sweetie, what’s your dream?”

The girl replied, “My dream was a perfect day.  A day I am just finishing.  My dream was to be with people who love each other, who love me.”

Father, make me like Thiago.  Let me define perfect as being with people who love each other and who love me.   At the end of each day, let me lean near You and whisper, “It’s been a perfect day.  Thank you.”

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