“You did not choose me, but I chose you”  John 15:16

As a girl I was not athletic and not competitive.  I hated recess and organized team games.  The captains did not choose me.  I was the final one left who joined by default.  It was humiliating.

As an adult Christ follower in her late thirties, I thought I belonged to His team because I chose Him and He was too loving and too good to cast me out.  Intellectually, I knew this idea was false and opposed to Scripture.  I didn’t want to admit I believed a lie.  Yet my heart was unable to embrace the truth.

A friend and I often met during those years for prayer.  God showed up and did some amazing things in my life.  One day as we waited quietly before the Lord, I saw myself as a little girl standing on my elementary school playground where teams had been chosen.  I looked rather sad and lonely.  Then I saw Jesus come.  He knelt down in front of me, eye to eye, and fixed me in His loving gaze.  He firmly said, “You did NOT choose me.  I CHOSE You.”

I wept as I looked into my Savior’s heart and finally believed He had wanted me – that He chose me.  I also repented of believing that I had ever drawn near to Him without His having first called me.

God began a new work of healing in me that day.

Lord Jesus,  thank You for choosing me.   It is still a wonder I can’t quite comprehend, but I believe it.  I really believe it.



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