Morning Quiet and Another Hug

By habit, I awaken early.  I brew a fresh pot of coffee, pour a cup, and pick up my Bible.  As the dawn of a new day breaks, I sit with Jesus, listening to Him and sharing my concerns and needs.  In the calm silence I feel and know His love and draw strength for the day.  I close the book and say “Amen”.  I stand to face the challenges that lie ahead.  Quickly the list of priorities, along with anxieties and doubts arise, and as C.S. Lewis once said, “Rush at me like wild animals”.

Lord, some days I have barely left your refuge when I want to run right back and say, “Will you hug and kiss me again?”.   I am thankful that You are always near me and in me.  I am thankful that your reassurance and help are only the breath of a prayer away.  Thank you for another hug. 

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