Making God Smile

My granddaughter, Ilsa, was three the Christmas her cousin, Alyse, was born on the twenty-fourth. Ilsa was interested in letters and spelling. She asked, “What is the baby’s name? What are the letters?” She was also learning about prayer and the true meaning of Christmas. Because she was shy and didn’t like being the center of attention, we were surprised when she assertively told her mother that she wanted to be the one to say grace before our Christmas dinner. She prayed with simple faith and sincere gratitude, thanking God for Jesus, for the food, and for each of us by name, including herself.

My husband’s brother, David, called that evening from another part of the world. On Christmas Eve in his country several Christian Churches had been bombed. Many believers were injured and killed. David was crying. God was crying.

Father, may all your children pray with child-like faith and sincere gratitude. Ilsa’s prayer must have given you such joy and made you smile. There are so many things, Lord, that break your heart. May my prayers give you joy and make you smile.

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