Intimacy With God

I long for intimacy with God.   He is my father, and I am his child.

We spent the 4th of July at the lake home of the parents of my daughter-in-law.  Her brother Jeremy was also there with his wife, oldest son, daughter, and  7 month old son, Luke.   The baby hadn’t slept well and was fussy.  The family wondered if his ear infection was not responding to the antibiotic and was causing him pain.   His Grandmother knocked on their bedroom early that morning and said she would care for Luke so that they could rest longer.   She carried him upstairs,  soothed, and calmed him.  He was content in the arms of his loving grandmother until his daddy walked into the room and into his line of vision.  Luke’s little arms shot up to be held by his father as soon as he saw him.   His daddy responded with a loving smile and gathered his son into his arms.

I enjoy Matt Maher’s CD: Alive Again.  While listening to it recently, the picture of Luke reaching up to be held by his father came to my mind, as these words from Letting Go were sung:  “I just want to be in your arms – Moving ever closer to your heart – To your heart”.    

Is intimacy with God related to being near his heart, knowing his heart?   King David is remembered as a man after God’s heart.  I want to be remembered as a woman after God’s heart.

Father God,  my arms are stretched up and out.   Please hold me in your arms and draw me ever closer to your heart.


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