Married Intimacy

Since I published yesterday’s post, I have been pondering married intimacy.

Is married intimacy the fruit of drawing near to my husband’s heart, of knowing his heart and sharing mine?   I believe that level of drawing near, knowing and sharing must be intentional.   Conversations need to be promoted and facilitated.  When these conversations are serendipitous, they occur in a context in which the pressures and distractions of daily responsibilities are suspended.  Some of our best conversations happen while taking walks together or traveling in the car.  Some happen over a leisurely meal in the ambiance of a fine restaurant.  How are you promoting the intimacy in your marriage?

I want to know my husband’s thoughts, his deepest dreams and longings, his greatest fears.  I want to be known as a woman after my husband’s heart.

Father God, help me intentionally seek to know my husband’s heart.

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