Two Christmas Presents

I wasn’t pleased when I realized we were expecting our third child. I wanted a third child but not that year. From my vantage point the timing was a hardship. My husband was pastor of a small, rural church. I was not employed outside our home. We were poor. My conversations with God were dominated by my complaints, fears, worries, and generalized whining.

The Lord changed my attitude. At the time, I was reading in Isaiah. When I reached the fourteenth chapter, verse twenty-four, my Master brought my grumbling to a screeching halt. “Surely, as I have planned, so will it stand.”  I suddenly comprehended the lie that my pregnancy was an accident. Truth dawned.  The timing of the birth of our third child was God’s plan. I chose to believe God that day and to embrace my pregnancy. Several months later, Jesus thrilled me with words from Matthew 18:8. “Whoever welcomes a child like this in my name, welcomes me.” Our third son, Joel, was born on December twelfth. In a very special way, we welcomed Jesus into our home that Christmas, as we welcomed our new baby. There were two extraordinary presents, two baby boys. One was my Saviour and the other, my beloved son. How blessed I was.

Father, I praise You for being the Loving, Sovereign of my life and of the universe. That truth is my solid foundation. I am often surprised, but You never are. Thank you for surprises. May I always embrace and unwrap them with faith, knowing your purposes are always loving and meant for the good of your children. You are a God to be trusted.

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