A Knock At My Door

I  like old fashioned screen doors.   They are reminiscent of my childhood.  I recall running out ours, leaving it to close on it’s own with a bang, in too big a hurry to shut it quietly.  I can still hear Mom yelling, “Come in and stay in, or go out and stay out.”   I remember her locking the screen door, if I went in and out one more time after that ultimatum.

Mom was the door keeper of my childhood home, but I was always the door keeper of my heart.   One day I heard Jesus knocking.  (See Revelation 3:20)  He asked if he could come in and make my messy heart his home.   I am so thankful I opened the door and welcomed him in.  He brought light and life, love and laughter, peace and purpose.

Do you hear him knocking at your door?  He knocks, but never forces entry.   He waits for your invitation.

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  1. Daphnie Lattimore

    Beautiful, Mary!

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