How Do I Begin Again?

How do I begin again or start over?  Yesterday I quoted Romans 10:9   What does it mean to confess, “Jesus is Lord,” with my mouth and believe in my heart that he is alive and reigns as King?  Does it mean I will have to admit that I have gone my own way and not his?  Does it mean I will need to change directions?  Does it mean I will need to listen to what he says – that I will accept his counsel and follow his directions?  I answer yes to all those questions, and then, as I confess and believe, I find he gives me grace and power to admit my sin and to follow him.  I begin and live a life in his kingdom under his banner of love.  This is Good News.  I live to share it.  I invite you to get acquainted with Jesus and to find out for yourself that he is The Way of New Beginnings.  Begin by reading the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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