Love Is A Gift

Our step grandson faced a dilemma around whether to stay in the United States and work towards his citizenship or return to Brazil where his fiance lives.  He grappled with his possible choices and how those decisions could impact the future.  His inner turmoil gave way to peace when he concluded, ” I can build my future, but I can’t build my love.”    He realized that the love he shares with his kindred spirit, his best friend,  is a gift – a breathing, living reality that needs to be nurtured and cared for.   He realized that he could build a career in either country.   This wisdom guided him back to  Brazil to enter into a covenant relationship with the beautiful young woman and to build their future there.

Love is a gift, and love is a choice.  It can be neglected, or it can be cared for.  It can grow, or it can die.  It needs the protection of promises made and kept.   Faith in God is rich soil in which the roots of love are supported and strengthened.  Prayer and Scripture are sunshine and water.   When cared for and protected, this gift grows more beautiful, more glorious as the years pass by.  This gift becomes a tree whose fruit and shade bless a future generation and the community where it is planted.

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