Door To Christian Faith

I get a plethora of spam.   Although most of it gets deleted without thought, sometimes I wonder whether a comment is authentic.  Today I want to respond to the unknown someone who said I almost make him/her a believer and who said I make assumptions or presuppositions.

If I almost make you a believer, I say, “Good.”   My deepest desire is for this blog to make others thirsty for what I have:  a wondrous  relationship with the Heavenly Father.   The invitation to join the family is open to all.   This wild adventure of faith is an equal opportunity for all who would follow Jesus.

I do not know what assumptions you think I make, since you did not identify them.   I have no proof for my faith, but I do have the evidence of the empty tomb of Jesus Christ and the fact no one ever produced his dead body.  Believing some of the theories to explain those facts takes more faith for me than believing he proved he was the Son of God by his resurrection and his ascension to heaven.  I believe the Old Testament scriptures because he believed them and taught them.  I believe the New Testament scriptures because they were written by eye witnesses of his death and resurrection or those who were taught by the eye witnesses.

Walk with Jesus through the Gospel of John and see for yourself.  Or watch the story according to Luke unfold on the Jesus DVD.  Begin the journey through the obstacles that block your door to Christian faith.

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