Christmas Promises

Oh, the lovely memories of Christmas past.  On the first Sunday night of Advent, we discussed two prophecies about Jesus with our small sons by the soft, flickering light of the Promise Candle.   We reminded them that one promise had already been fulfilled.   It unfolded when the Messiah came as the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world.   We reminded them that we were joyfully anticipating  the unfolding of the second promise when the Lamb returns to earth as the King of Kings, the mighty Lion of Judah, to take His children home.

Sent By The Father (words and music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan) is one of my favorite Christmas songs because it triumphantly addresses both of these promises.  Here is the chorus:

Sent by the Father

Jesus go and call my children

A trumpet sounds and the angels sing

Like never before

With shepherds and wise men

We humbly bow

And every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord

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