Tender Memories

My heart is full of deep sadness as I realize I could lose my husband to cancer.  In the midst of this journey to healing or to death, there are unexpected beautiful moments and tender memories.  I am reminded of something Pearl Buck said as she wrote about her mother who wept during the symphony, “life is infinitely sad and unbearably beautiful.”

My husband was going to have a biopsy the next day, and then we were going home to await the pathology report.  I was sitting in the pharmacy at the Mayo Clinic, waiting to get some pain pills for him when my brain registered the beautiful music that was evoking such bittersweet emotions.  I suddenly realized the music was the theme song ( A Time For Us) from the 1968 movie, Romeo and Juliet. *  In a flash I was back in the summer of 1968.  I was a young woman waiting for the young man I had grown to love.  He came to the door and took me on a date to see the movie, Romeo and Juliet.   I think our first kiss was that night when he brought me home.

* You can hear this beautiful song on You Tube   A Time For Us   Andre Rieu –  Theme Song from Romeo and Juliet


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2 Responses to Tender Memories

  1. So beautifully said, Mary. So heartfelt. So tender. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. We love you and hope our words of encouragement and prayers help you feel us walk beside you and Howard even thought we are miles away.

  2. Barbara Hoglund Iwarsson

    Mary, how I am grateful for the age we live in and we have such quick access to the needs of others. You and Howard have been in my prayers and I continue to pray for his healing, wisdom for the doctors, a solid treatment plan and peace for you both. We are indeed at a precarious stage of life regarding health and longevity and your comments are so uplifting. BJ and I have also been married 43 years this past August and sometimes it’s easy to take for granted. Hugs to you both and thanks for the Caring Bridge info to help keep all of us up to date and thus better able to pray specifically. Barb

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