Love While You May


Recently my husband said to me, “I looked up the definition of love in the dictionary and saw your picture.”

This is praise I feel unworthy of.   The number of days left to love him have always been uncertain, unknown, but now when the possibility of fewer rather than more days looms large against the diagnosis of his lymphoma in stage 3, I wish I had always loved him well.  I know I didn’t, and his love for me is evident in the mercy he has extended me over our life together.   So today, younger and older women, love your husbands well.  Honor them.  Respect them.  Focus on their strengths, not their weaknesses. Pray for them.  Cherish each day and each moment you are given.

I am reminded of the beautiful music and lyrics of Bill and Gloria Gaither, We Have This Moment Today.   “Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow may never come, but we have this moment today.”

Today is the day to love.  Tomorrow may never come.  Love while you may.

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One Response to Love While You May

  1. Thank you, Mary. What a sweet reminder so lovingly stated. A reminder to love well – today. By the grace of God I will try.

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