Conflict Resoultion Steps

My husband and I walked to the creek in our neighborhood earlier this week.  With the spring run off, the water is deep and thunderous, as it rushes down to the nearby lake.  We stood and watched as a large chunk of ice, churning in the waters, was slammed up against the culvert and broke into pieces.

Once upon a time, many Springs ago when our marriage was in crisis, my husband stood on a bridge and looked down on a brook as the ice was melting and breaking away.  He became convicted that his heart had become like that ice, cold and hard.  He confessed the state of his heart to God and cried out to his Savior to melt and heal it.  His conviction and confession were some of the conflict resolution steps that he walked to restore his relationship with me.  Read about this restoration by clicking the book page tab on this blog.

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