Spiritual Conflict

In chapter 13 of Beginning Again*,  I wrote about the spiritual conflict that existed in the heavenly realm over my marriage.  I shared how an intercessor battled in prayer for the preservation and restoration of the relationship between me and my husband.  Yahweh Nissi, The Lord My Banner, answered that prayer and saved my marriage.

In Praying the Names of God,  Ann Spangler said.  “When you pray to Yahweh Nissi you are praying to the God who is powerful enough to overcome any foe.”  She included this prayer: “Lord, I thank you for raising your standard over me.  Today, as I face spiritual battles of many kinds, help me to be confident of your protection, to fight with your power, to prevail in your strength.  Yahweh Nissi, may your victory be total and complete, destroying whatever stands in the way of your plans and purposes. Amen”

If you are praying for your own marriage or the marriage of someone else, be encouraged and keep praying the name of Yahweh Nissi.

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