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Kiss Me

Our family had finished celebrating Christmas 2000. It was late as we kissed and hugged our four-year-old grandson Noah and three-year-old granddaughter Ilsa goodnight. Jon, our eldest son, took them out into the dark, cold night to the car. I went to the kitchen to begin the clean up. In only a few minutes, I heard my son yell, “Mom, Ilsa wants to kiss you goodnight again.” I walked to the top of the stairs of my split-level home. There at the bottom stood Ilsa, looking up at me. “Grandma, will you hug and kiss me?” I rushed down the steps, bent down, and wrapped her up into another embrace.

The World was Dark. You were in Heaven, Lord Jesus, at the top of the stairs. We were at the bottom, looking up, longing for your embrace.

On Christmas you came down and enfolded us in Your Love. We are grateful.

The World is Dark. You are in Heaven, preparing our home. We are looking up in anticipation, praying, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus.”

Someday you will return. We are waiting.

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