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Married Intimacy

Since I published yesterday’s post, I have been pondering married intimacy.

Is married intimacy the fruit of drawing near to my husband’s heart, of knowing his heart and sharing mine?   I believe that level of drawing near, knowing and sharing must be intentional.   Conversations need to be promoted and facilitated.  When these conversations are serendipitous, they occur in a context in which the pressures and distractions of daily responsibilities are suspended.  Some of our best conversations happen while taking walks together or traveling in the car.  Some happen over a leisurely meal in the ambiance of a fine restaurant.  How are you promoting the intimacy in your marriage?

I want to know my husband’s thoughts, his deepest dreams and longings, his greatest fears.  I want to be known as a woman after my husband’s heart.

Father God, help me intentionally seek to know my husband’s heart.

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Intimacy With God

I long for intimacy with God.   He is my father, and I am his child.

We spent the 4th of July at the lake home of the parents of my daughter-in-law.  Her brother Jeremy was also there with his wife, oldest son, daughter, and  7 month old son, Luke.   The baby hadn’t slept well and was fussy.  The family wondered if his ear infection was not responding to the antibiotic and was causing him pain.   His Grandmother knocked on their bedroom early that morning and said she would care for Luke so that they could rest longer.   She carried him upstairs,  soothed, and calmed him.  He was content in the arms of his loving grandmother until his daddy walked into the room and into his line of vision.  Luke’s little arms shot up to be held by his father as soon as he saw him.   His daddy responded with a loving smile and gathered his son into his arms.

I enjoy Matt Maher’s CD: Alive Again.  While listening to it recently, the picture of Luke reaching up to be held by his father came to my mind, as these words from Letting Go were sung:  “I just want to be in your arms – Moving ever closer to your heart – To your heart”.    

Is intimacy with God related to being near his heart, knowing his heart?   King David is remembered as a man after God’s heart.  I want to be remembered as a woman after God’s heart.

Father God,  my arms are stretched up and out.   Please hold me in your arms and draw me ever closer to your heart.


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Stronger Faith As A Christian

Dear Readers, this website is primarily devoted to the subject of marriage.  Yet, child of God vignettes are again springing up from my heart and clamoring to be written and published.   Follow me off  the path we were on and share the adventure,  as I listen to the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit and obey His prompting. I appreciate you, my sojourners.

Beautiful ferns cover our woodland.   Because they are the backdrop for my circle garden, I don’t want them invading the soil among my cultivated flowers.  They have large, tenacious root balls.  I can’t just pull them out.  I need my gardening tools and elbow grease.   I marvel over the weeding challenge they present.

Paul tells me how to grow stronger faith as a Christian.  In Colossians 2:6, he says, “So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”   I believe the scriptures, the very words out of the mouth of our Lord, are the rich soil in which I grow tenacious roots.  The growth above the ground is a beautiful, hardy faith.

Father God,  may my roots in Christ Jesus be as strong and tenacious as those of the ferns in the woodland where I live.

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The Reconnection

Connecting the upper and lower pennisulas of Michigan

I crossed the Mackinaw Bridge, which connects the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan, in April and again in June.  I had to put my fears aside to drive this 5 mile suspension bridge, high over Lake Michigan on one side and Lake Huron on the other.  I counted the cost and weighed it against the benefit: it frightened me but was worth avoiding Chicago with its traffic and tolls.

The reconnection in our relationships is like that.  There is a gap that has to be bridged.  It requires counting the cost and finding it a small price to pay for the benefit.  It might mean having to repent and change.  It might mean having to forgive and let go.   The benefit is the restored relationship.  When my relationship with my husband was broken, Jesus was my bridge; He called me to forgive.  Have you experienced a broken relationship? How did you reconnect?

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Spiritual Conflict

Lake Michigan,  Escanaba, Michigan's Upper Pennisula

I took this picture of the Sand Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan in Escanaba, Michigan, last month.

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the world.” John 9:5
“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105

The enemy of our souls waged war against our marriage.  The darkness was great during that spiritual conflict.  I was glad that the words of Jesus were the light that penetrated our darkness.  I have shared our battle on the book page of this website.  I recently enjoyed listening to the music and lyrics, Hold Us Together, by Matt Maher: “cause even in the dark, you can still see the light – it’s going to be alright – it’s going to be alright”.   May the Light of the Lord Jesus rescue you from any darkness you are in the midst of.

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