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Door To Christian Faith

I get a plethora of spam.   Although most of it gets deleted without thought, sometimes I wonder whether a comment is authentic.  Today I want to respond to the unknown someone who said I almost make him/her a believer and who said I make assumptions or presuppositions.

If I almost make you a believer, I say, “Good.”   My deepest desire is for this blog to make others thirsty for what I have:  a wondrous  relationship with the Heavenly Father.   The invitation to join the family is open to all.   This wild adventure of faith is an equal opportunity for all who would follow Jesus.

I do not know what assumptions you think I make, since you did not identify them.   I have no proof for my faith, but I do have the evidence of the empty tomb of Jesus Christ and the fact no one ever produced his dead body.  Believing some of the theories to explain those facts takes more faith for me than believing he proved he was the Son of God by his resurrection and his ascension to heaven.  I believe the Old Testament scriptures because he believed them and taught them.  I believe the New Testament scriptures because they were written by eye witnesses of his death and resurrection or those who were taught by the eye witnesses.

Walk with Jesus through the Gospel of John and see for yourself.  Or watch the story according to Luke unfold on the Jesus DVD.  Begin the journey through the obstacles that block your door to Christian faith.

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Christian Marriage As A Metaphor

Christian Marriage As A Metaphor

Building a Christian marriage and home was a daunting task.   In those early years I was often at the end of my rope, crying out for help and wisdom.   Next to the Bible, the most helpful book I read was How To Raise Your Children For Christ by Andrew Murray.  This key paragraph from his book impacted me profoundly: “God created man in His image, male and female.  In the home on earth, in the love of husband and wife, of parent and child, were to be reflected the love and blessedness of the Father’s home in heaven.  The deepest secrets of the Godhead in the fellowship of the Father and the Son by the Holy Spirit were to be shown in the family.”

God used Andrew Murray to teach me how the relationships in our home were meant to be a metaphor of the love and unity that exists in heaven between Father God,  God the Son, and God the Spirit.   The drama of our home life was created to tell a glorious story to a watching world.  This metaphor had a divine mission.  To fail to reflect this love in our home was to mar God’s picture of heaven, to invalidate the truth of his gospel.  I sometimes failed but not always.   Knowing I was meant to be a divine metaphor kept me returning to the sacred way of love as a wife and mother.

After 42 years of marriage, I still try to make my love for my husband a metaphor of heaven.  I owe it to God to reflect a clear, sharp picture for a watching world.

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Sarah’s Daughter

I was born the daughter  of an alcoholic, and the home I grew up in bred fear.  I learned to avoid fear by control.  That need to control everything threatened the harmony in my marriage, but God rescued my marriage by calling me to become Sarah’s daughter, to become like her by doing what was right and not giving way to fear.  (See I Peter 3.)

What did Sarah do that was right?   How did Sarah not give way to fear?   She obeyed Abraham, her husband,  when he made a choice that put her in a fear producing situation.  (See Genesis 12:10-20.)  God delivered Sarah from that situation miraculously, for Sarah’s hope was in God, not in Abraham.

I became more quiet and gentle in my soul and in my relationship with my husband, as I became more acquainted with the trustworthiness of of my God and transferred the wellspring of my hope from my husband to him.    That hope enabled me to yield to my husband, as to the Lord and for the Lord’s sake.   I learned to first assertively speak the truth in love to my husband about decisions before us and then to yield to him.  Sometimes I have slipped back to the old way of control and disharmony, but the discomfort of fear and anxiety have been powerful motivators to return to the way of peace.

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One Reason, One Person, One Hour At A Time

The ancient custom of ringing bells from church towers had many purposes, one of which was to call the faithful to prayer at fixed times of the day.  Although there are some bell towers in my community,  I have not heard the bells ring.  My only  hourly call to prayer has been during the Christmas season when the snowman clock plays a carol at the top of each hour.  Packing it up for another year made me sad.  This year I promised myself that I will buy a clock that chimes to call me to prayer each hour all the other seasons of the year.

I want to live most simply.   Like the lub-dub of every beat of my heart.   Like the tic-tock of the old fashioned clock beside my bed.   Like the criss-cross of one stitch after another stitch made in aida cloth.  My life is a blank canvas of fabric, a number of seconds in a number of hours for an unknown number of years.  What I stitch on that blank canvas is a gift I give to the One who gave me breath.   I wonder if my needlework this year would be more beautiful if every hour was consecrated with thanksgiving to my Creator.   The simplicity of living one hour at a time for one reason, for one person.

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Love Is A Gift

Our step grandson faced a dilemma around whether to stay in the United States and work towards his citizenship or return to Brazil where his fiance lives.  He grappled with his possible choices and how those decisions could impact the future.  His inner turmoil gave way to peace when he concluded, ” I can build my future, but I can’t build my love.”    He realized that the love he shares with his kindred spirit, his best friend,  is a gift – a breathing, living reality that needs to be nurtured and cared for.   He realized that he could build a career in either country.   This wisdom guided him back to  Brazil to enter into a covenant relationship with the beautiful young woman and to build their future there.

Love is a gift, and love is a choice.  It can be neglected, or it can be cared for.  It can grow, or it can die.  It needs the protection of promises made and kept.   Faith in God is rich soil in which the roots of love are supported and strengthened.  Prayer and Scripture are sunshine and water.   When cared for and protected, this gift grows more beautiful, more glorious as the years pass by.  This gift becomes a tree whose fruit and shade bless a future generation and the community where it is planted.

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