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Starting Over

Many years ago the fabric of our marriage wore out and pulled away.   Like our patchwork quilt,  starting over required piecing together a few key, recurring colors to design a new relationship that would be durable and beautiful.  In God’s storehouse we found repentance and forgiveness, grace and mercy.       They worked.   As long as we have continued to stitch them into our relationship, we have known joy and strength as a married couple.

You can read our story of starting over by going to the book page of this website.

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Real Love

Weddings.  A man and a woman gazing at each other while making promises.  Then the husband and wife, holding hands, turn outward and face their community of family and friends as the pastor introduces them as a new couple.   The reality of their love waits to be proven in the way they serve their community together.   Real love is never selfish.   Antoine de Saint-Exupery says,  “Love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.”  *

I wanted to share that quotation .   How did it go exactly?   Who wrote it?   The quotation was in an old book which I couldn’t find on our book shelves.    I mentioned this problem to my husband who began searching for the book in all the places it might be.   After an hour long hunt, he discovered the book, that had been his mother’s,  in a bin of his parent’s things stored in the back of one of our closets.

We want to share a love that keeps us holding hands while looking outward in the same direction,  a love that compels us to serve our community.   As part of that outward focus, I write this blog with my husband’s assistance.  He edits each post before I publish it.   His hunt to help me find the quotation I inserted earlier in this post is a sign he endeavors to live that kind of a love.

* Best Loved Poems From Ideals

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Grandmother’s Bow Tie Quilt

My Grandmother’s Bow Tie Quilt

A patchwork quilt, the recycled variety
Utilitarian, nothing wasted
Bows tying memories into present purpose

Lives like Grandma’s quilt, nothing wasted
Each experience, each sorrow, each joy a bow
Tying lessons learned, wisdom gained and character molded
Into present purpose

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