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Christmas Gifts


A new king, The King, born to rule the kingdom of our hearts.  Wise men, very wise men, bringing gifts to The King.

The King left the glories of heaven and took on flesh to come to earth to be my Savior.  He died, shedding His blood, to blot out all my sins.  The wages of my sin was death.  He died in my place so that I could have everlasting life today, this Christmas morning.

Lord Jesus you are worthy to rule and reign in my life.  You deserve my adoration.  What birthday gift can I give you today?

The King whispers into my spirit, “All of you.”

Time is suspended as I ponder His request.  “Lord, I want you to have all of me.  What part of me am I withholding?”

Blinding insight is given.  I live to please other people.   It is bondage.  It is a stronghold.  To love someone best and most is to live to please that One.  That place in my heart is imprisoned by my compulsion to make everyone else happy.

Free me to live to please You alone, my One and Only. Oh, mighty Savior rescue me, and I will give you All my heart, including the place reserved for who and what I live for.  Since You gave All of Yourself for all of me, let it be all of me for all of You.  Amen.”

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