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Praying With Jesus

A few years ago, a friend of mine was telling me about the 24/7 prayer vigil her church had sustained.  For every hour of every day for 11 years one of them had been kneeling in their church, praying with Jesus.  She said to me, “We would never leave Jesus alone.”

We live in an agonizing world of Gethsemane.  Will we leave our Lord alone or will we join Him?  Will we watch and pray with Him?  Or will we sleep?

What if all of us who loved Him prayed His prayer as recorded in John 17?  What if there were people all  around the globe keeping watch with Jesus and praying John 17 every hour of every day?

Here is my attempt to agree with the prayer of Jesus, to get down on my knees with Him before His Father:

Heavenly Father, Glorify the Lord Jesus.  Grant that more and more people across planet earth will be given eternal life by Jesus and know You the true God and Jesus whom you sent.  May each of us who call on you, who know your name, like your Son, complete the work you give us to do.  Let your people reveal You to the world.  Let us obey Your word.  Let us accept Your words, truly believe them.  Protect your people by the power of your name – the name you gave Jesus – so that they may be one as you, Holy Trinity, are one.  Thank You, Father,  that not one of the ones you give Jesus will be lost.  Thank You that Jesus keeps us safe by the name you gave Him.  May all your children have the full measure of Your joy within them.  Protect Your people from the evil one. Sanctify your people by Your word. Your word is truth.  Let us, your people sanctify ourselves – like our Lord Jesus did – that others too might be truly sanctified.  May all the people of faith, those who already believe and those who will believe, be one, just as You are one.  Do this, Father,  so that the world may believe you sent Jesus.  Give the church the glory you gave Jesus so that we may be one – Jesus in us and You in Jesus.  Unify families in the church.  Unify churches so that the world will know You sent Jesus and have loved us as You have loved Jesus.  Lord, like Jesus, I want all you have given me to be with all your people in Glory – to see Your Glory and the Glory of Your Son..  Lord Jesus continue to make Yourself and the Father known to all in the world who would believe You. Do this mighty Savior so that the love the Father has for You may be in them,  so that You may be in them.  Amen.


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A Goal and A Job For 2015

Faith:  confident belief in the truth; belief not based on logical proof or material evidence; loyalty to a person or a thing.

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from  yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.  For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus, to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Ephesians 2: 8-9

Believe:  to accept as true or real; to expect; to have faith or confidence.

Work:  mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something.

In John 6, we read of a crowd asking Jesus what they should do to do the works of God.   Jesus answered, ” The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”

We are NOT saved by works, but we are saved FOR WORKS.  Before we get conceited or proud of our works or weary and burned out by them, let us remember: the work we are saved to do is to BELIEVE IN JESUS.   Perhaps much of what we do for the Kingdom of God is not effective because we extend energy devoid of belief.  Perhaps we extend energy believing the lie that the advancement of the Kingdom depends on us, rather than on the Power of God, working through us.  Perhaps we move forward without seeking God’s guidance and blessing in believing prayer.  All our efforts are wasted if they are not fueled by believing prayer.

Sometimes we are called to stand still and watch God work.  Sometimes we are called to work with him.  But we are always called to believe him.

Let us remember that all that is accomplished for the Kingdom of God is the work of God.  He gets the GLORY.   We have the great and awesome privilege of believing him, of cheering him on, of praising him.

Lord Jesus,  help me remember that my goal and my work for the year ahead  is simply and profoundly TO BELIEVE  YOU.

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