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Something Old Made New

I have always liked old things.  I treasure their history.   So I especially love old family things – my mother’s platform rocker, the cake plate that belonged to my mother-in-law, my dresser from childhood.  These things  have a story to tell and preserve pieces of the history of my family and my husband’s family.

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A year ago my son and his family were moving some old things out of the furnace room as they packed and prepared to move.  One of the things they pulled out was an old desk that had belonged to my mother-in-law.  My husband can’t remember a time the desk was not setting in the living room of the home he grew up in.  He estimated that the desk is 65-70 years old.  Our granddaughter examined the old desk and decided she wanted to keep it.  Since it was in bad shape, she and I hatched a plan to give it new a life for her new room in their new home.   We decided on some chalk paint and a coat of clear wax to protect the wood.  Miah picked out her colors  and new hardware for the drawers.  We worked together.  Both of us were pleased with the results.  I was thrilled that Great Grandmother’s desk has been preserved to serve a new generation in our family.


Perhaps one of the reasons, I find refurbishing an old piece of furniture so satisfying is because it becomes a metaphor for the work Jesus Christ does in creation and in the lives of his followers.  He tells us in Revelation 21 that HE MAKES ALL THINGS NEW.   In her DVD study,  Here and Now… There and Then,  A Lecture Series on Revelation, Beth Moore quotes Dr. M.E. Boring, “God does not make all new things but all things new.”

I am so glad Jesus has made me new and preserved me to enjoy a wondrous, glorious future with him in Heaven.  I love him.

Happy Birthday, Miah!  I am glad God made you, and that Jesus made you new when you put your trust in him.  I love you.

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