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What Kind Of God

I inherited a disease called Fuch’s Corneal Dystrophy. My vision was getting worse.  I was reading large print books with reading glasses and a magnifier.  I was unable to read labels and sales tags while shopping. My husband was reading recipes to me when I cooked and baked. My vision was so hazy that I no longer trusted myself to drive our car.  Two specialists recommended corneal transplant.  On June 22nd I had the diseased membrane of my left cornea removed and a healthy donor membrane attached to that cornea.

I enjoyed the trip to my first post operative visit with the eye surgeon. The ditches along all the roadways were adorned with Queen Anne’s Lace,  a longtime favorite wild flower of mine.

The doctor was pleased with my progress. The donor membrane had attached, and the new cells were working well.  The swelling in that cornea had resolved, and my vision had improved.  He explained that, even though the swelling was relieved, the haziness in my vision would slowly resolve as the cells in my cornea re-design themselves.  He told me that 80 to 90 percent of my improvement will come within 3 months and that the other 10-20 percent will come over the next 1 to 2 years.

I am grateful for my eye surgeon and his team at Mayo in Rochester. I am thankful for my donor and my donor’s family. I am blessed by the prayers of family, friends, and church.  I praise the Lord who is my healer.

What kind of God makes wild flowers that look like lace and cells that can re-design themselves?  A Good God.  A Great and Powerful God.  A God who loves me and all of you.  And so gratitude becomes adoration of Almighty Creator God.

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