Spiritual Healing Prayer

We were grieving the loss of my husband’s pastoral ministry when we first saw the art print with this spiritual healing prayer: “Lord make me like your bread, your body. Take me, bless me, break me, and pass me around among your people.”* Later we grieved the death of our love. (You can read our story on the book page of this website.) Our lives were broken, like the loaf of bread on the altar in the art print. The prayer was healing because it gave our pain significance. As heartache carved a deeper well for compassion and mercy in our hearts, we yearned to be nourishing gifts that our Lord could indeed pass around among His people.

Our story is our bread. We think of it as a loaf given to Jesus to divide and multiply as He chooses to feed hope to other couples in crisis.

*1977 copyright by Floyd E. Hosmer

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