An Intimacy Tip

I remember when I first fell in love with my husband.   I hung on his every word.  I paid close attention to everything he thought and did.  I wanted to know everything about him.  He offered information about himself and answered my questions.  As we became better acquainted, we learned to trust each other.   As our trust grew,  we revealed more of our inner lives with one another.  In time,  no one knew him, as well as I did.  No one knew me, as well as he did.

Human beings are dynamic creatures.   We are always being shaped and changed by our ongoing circumstances and environment.   It seems to me, that one intimacy tip in marriage is an ongoing commitment to the same kind of focused attention, inquiry, and observation we gave our partners when we were first learning to love them.   I am afraid I have become complacent and lazy in my relationship.   Perhaps I need to ask myself whether I really know who my husband has become, who he is becoming.   How do you keep getting reacquainted with who your spouse is becoming as life passes by?

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