Power of Vitality

I wrapped my arms around my husband and said,  “I need more hugs.”

He looked down at me, looking puzzled, and replied, “I thought your love language was acts of  service.” *

“It is, but hugs are good,”  I answered, as I squeezed him again.  “Remind me what your primary love language is.”

Without having to think about it, he replied, “Words of affirmation.”

Last summer my husband communicated his love for me by creating the circle garden which is pictured in this post.  He spent hours and hours removing the wild growth, digging out roots, and preparing the soil before laying the landscaping screen and covering it with mulch.

There is a power of vitality.   In my opinion,  a marriage is kept vital when each partner feels loved by the other.  Are you using your spouse’s love language so that he or she feels loved?

* The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman


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2 Responses to Power of Vitality

  1. I love the dialogue exchange between you and Howard in this post. It draws readers into the piece. It makes us reflect on our own love languages. Keith’s love language is acts of service; mine is words of affirmation.

    • Thanks for the affirmation, Linda. I will remember how effective dialogue is and include whenever it is appropriate.

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