Christian Marriage

Last fall and winter my husband and I studied Pray Big for Your Marriage.  In Chapter 11, Will Davis Jr., the author, presented the idea of praying for a marriage mission.  This was a novel concept for us, but one we gravitated to.  I pondered our history as a couple and sought the Lord in prayer for a mission statement that would reflect His dreams for us at time in our lives.

One day I happened upon Matthew 14:36.  The last portion of that verse – “… and all who touched Him were healed.” – resonated in my heart as our passion.

This is our marriage mission:  We seek, by God’s grace, to abide in His presence each day so that those we touch might also reach out to touch Jesus and be healed.  That mission is the purpose of this website.

How might a Christian Marriage be strengthened by a mission statement?



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  1. What a powerful concept! Thanks for sharing it and thanks for your authentic, meaningful posts Mary!

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