Christian Marriage As A Metaphor

Christian Marriage As A Metaphor

Building a Christian marriage and home was a daunting task.   In those early years I was often at the end of my rope, crying out for help and wisdom.   Next to the Bible, the most helpful book I read was How To Raise Your Children For Christ by Andrew Murray.  This key paragraph from his book impacted me profoundly: “God created man in His image, male and female.  In the home on earth, in the love of husband and wife, of parent and child, were to be reflected the love and blessedness of the Father’s home in heaven.  The deepest secrets of the Godhead in the fellowship of the Father and the Son by the Holy Spirit were to be shown in the family.”

God used Andrew Murray to teach me how the relationships in our home were meant to be a metaphor of the love and unity that exists in heaven between Father God,  God the Son, and God the Spirit.   The drama of our home life was created to tell a glorious story to a watching world.  This metaphor had a divine mission.  To fail to reflect this love in our home was to mar God’s picture of heaven, to invalidate the truth of his gospel.  I sometimes failed but not always.   Knowing I was meant to be a divine metaphor kept me returning to the sacred way of love as a wife and mother.

After 42 years of marriage, I still try to make my love for my husband a metaphor of heaven.  I owe it to God to reflect a clear, sharp picture for a watching world.

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