Fences and Friendship

“The wires are holding hands around the holes… with holes they make a fence…Lord, there are lots of holes in my life.  There are some in the lives of my neighbors.  But if you wish, we shall hold hands…”                                                  The Wire Fence from  Prayers by Micheal Quoist.

Families, churches, communities holding hands around the holes, making fences, creating and sustaining safety and security.

There are many people who have held their hands around my holes and secured my life.  One of those people was Chris, my sister-in-law, the one who gave me Prayers in 1968.  She and my brother, her husband, shared a rich friendship.  I was in 9th grade the year Jack brought her home to meet the family.  One morning while overhearing them talk, I dreamed a dream: one day I would marry a friend and we would talk like Chris and Jack.  God honored that dream.  I married my dearest friend.   The friendship has held through all the storms of married life.   My husband and I have held hands around the holes in our lives.

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