The Reconnection

Connecting the upper and lower pennisulas of Michigan

I crossed the Mackinaw Bridge, which connects the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan, in April and again in June.  I had to put my fears aside to drive this 5 mile suspension bridge, high over Lake Michigan on one side and Lake Huron on the other.  I counted the cost and weighed it against the benefit: it frightened me but was worth avoiding Chicago with its traffic and tolls.

The reconnection in our relationships is like that.  There is a gap that has to be bridged.  It requires counting the cost and finding it a small price to pay for the benefit.  It might mean having to repent and change.  It might mean having to forgive and let go.   The benefit is the restored relationship.  When my relationship with my husband was broken, Jesus was my bridge; He called me to forgive.  Have you experienced a broken relationship? How did you reconnect?

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