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True Love

While sorting through treasures stored in the shed this week, I discovered the scrapbook we gave my husband’s parents on their 60th anniversary.   At that time,  Mom had suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease for 7 years.  Dad remained her devoted caregiver until her death 4 and a half years later.   Dad went home to be with The Lord two years ago.

As I browsed through the scrapbook pages of pictures, cards, and letters, I realized that Dad had added the card he sent Mom on their 6th wedding anniversary from Germany where he was stationed at the end of World War II.  He and Mom conceived their first born, my husband, before Dad left the States.  Howard was born before his daddy returned home.  As I turned more pages,  I saw the note from our first born, Jonathan.  Here is what he shared with them.

“Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for your wonderful example of togetherness.  Showing us that true love is about devotion.  That true love is about commitment and friendship.  That true love lasts.  That true love contains Jesus.  May Sarah and I and our children follow in your footsteps.  Happy 60 Years of Marriage.”

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