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Morning Reflection


Morning comes and darkness flees when the sun rises above the horizon.  Light breaks into my darkness when the Son of God speaks my name.

One morning while it was still dark, long ago in Israel, a woman by the name of Mary Magdalene, who had been cured of seven demons, stood by a tomb crying. She was distressed because the body of her crucified teacher was no longer in the  grave where he had been buried.  She felt confused and frightened. Someone, she thought might be a gardner (remember it was still dark), asked her why she was crying. Between sobs, Mary replied, “They have taken my Lord away, and I do not know where they have put him.” After another brief exchange of words, He said, “Mary”, and she cried out, “Teacher”.  *

Mary knew her Lord’s voice.  She recognized it.  His voice had to power to send demons fleeing.  His voice had the power to heal and transform.  As He spoke her name, she knew HER LORD LIVED AGAIN!  In that moment everything had changed.  Nothing was impossible.  All the promises of God had become YES!

Of all the resurrection accounts of the Lord Jesus, the story of Mary Magdalene is my favorite.  I identify with her because my name is Mary and because I have been cured of demons, the figurative kind and, I believe, the literal kind.

The Lord speaks our names.  Sometimes He calls us to follow Him for first time.  Sometimes His tone is one of gentle comfort.  At other times it is a word of loving rebuke.  He speaks and light breaks into our darkness.  Confusion is replaced with amazing clarity.  Anger is washed away. Peace defeats fear.  Hope dawns like the morning.

May you hear Him call your name this Easter Morning.  May the Son in all His Glory dawn upon you, and may you reflect that Glory in our dark world.

*See the 20th chapter of The Gospel of John

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The Restart Button


The cry of the human heart is for a restart button.   Is there anyone who doesn’t have regrets about something?  Is there anyone who doesn’t wish they could wake up and live a day over again, doing it differently?   Sometimes the regret runs so deep that we long for a new life.

Jesus said that no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again.  He made this astonishing statement to Nicodemus, a teacher of the law.  (See John 3)  Nicodemus struggled with how this could be, and Jesus said, “Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.”

Jesus is The Restart Button.  He is the force behind the desire for a restart.  His is the power to produce a new life, a new beginning.  He says He himself makes all things new.   When we believe Him, really believe Him and begin a life of following Him, we restart, new every morning!  Every morning we awake forgiven and empowered to love Him and love others.

This isn’t false advertising.  The One who made the claim was resurrected and rules the universe.  He lives to be my restart button.  He lives to be yours.  He waits for you to call out to Him.   He delights to share His life, His New Life with you.

Lord Jesus,  reveal your love and power to those who long for a restart.   Give each of them your New Life.


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Power to Begin Again

“To all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God – children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.”  (John 1: 12-13)

Perhaps your marriage is in shambles.  Perhaps your life is falling apart.  Or maybe you feel hopeless and don’t know where to turn or who to turn to.   There is hope.  There is  a Gospel.  Power that saves.  Power to change.  Power to follow Jesus who died to give us the right to become the sons and daughters of God and abundant life in the here and now and forever.  When we receive Jesus, he gives us his indwelling Holy Spirit.   Paul teaches us in Ephesians that this power is like the power that raised Jesus back to life and seated him at God’s right hand in the heavenly realm.  God loves you.  His will is to adopt you, help you, give you wisdom, give you his very life.   Cry out to him

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