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Rebuilt and Replanted


Earlier this summer, my husband and I celebrated our 45th Wedding Anniversary.   We were newlyweds in the early 1970’s,  an era enriched with the beautiful music preformed by Karen Carpenter and her brother Richard.   They told our story in We’ve Only Just Begun*:  “…White lace and promises.  A kiss for luck and we’re on our way.”  They expressed our dreams in For All We Know**:  “…We’ve got a lifetime to share.  So much to say…Let’s take a lifetime to say I knew you well…And love may grow for all we know.”

Our promises and dreams were godly, and we sought God’s blessing and invoked His help.  It is good we did.  For life happened.  Demands and stresses within and without took a toll on our marriage, which nearly failed.  (You can read our story by going to the book page of this website.)    We’ve had a lifetime to know each other well and see our love mature and grow because of the God we trusted.

“Then the Nations around you that remain will know that I , the Lord, have rebuilt what was destroyed and have replanted what was desolate.  I, the Lord, have spoken, and I will do it.”   Ezekiel 36:36

In this, our 45th year of life together, Howard and I honor the God who rebuilt and replanted our marriage, the God  who spoke and did what He said He could do!

* written by Nicolas,Roger S./Williams, Paul H.

**  written by Bunch, John/Colbert, Joshua/Cordoba,Derick/Neptune, Cha

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The Reconnection

My hydrangea speak to me when they need water.   Their leaves become droopy.   I water them, and a few hours afterward, their leaves are uplifted to give me a thumbs up.

My marriage is a living organism.  It needs water, but I don’t pay attention to the signs, as well as I do to the ones my flowers give me.   We get busy, and before we realize it, days or weeks have past without our having done anything to nurture  our relationship.   This current dry patch is due to neglect.   The reconnection needs to be intentional.   I am wondering how to creatively apply some dew or rain to our relationship.   How do you monitor the needs of your marriage?   How do you refresh your connection?

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