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Refreshed to Refresh


Today’s post flows out of yesterday’s post, Calling The Thirsty

Once my thirst for love,meaning, significance, forgiveness, and redemption have been quenched by the Caller and once He has filled these hollow places in my life with His Living Water,  I am a spring.   I am The Caller’s  Spring.

The dictionary defines a spring as a natural fountain or flow of water.  A spring moves.  It is not stagnant.  If I am a spring, then I must ask, “Why do I feel stagnant?”  I think the answer lies in how I allow the challenges and disappointments in life, my griefs and my hurts to keep me in a self-absorbed state.  Proverbs 11:25 proclaims: “He who refreshes others will himself  be refreshed.”

It seems one of the paradoxes of the Christian faith is that I am emptied to be filled.  I must pour out my living water to be re-filled.  Again and again, this filling is the movement that keeps the water fresh, that keeps it alive.

That brings me back to the thoughts I expressed in the post, Doing Business.  If I am to be doing the Father’s business until my Lord returns, it will involve refreshing others, pouring out my living water to be filled again each morning.

Heavenly Father, move me off dead center and thrust me into activities that refresh and revive the thirsty all around me.  Do this by your power and for the Glory of your name.  Amen.


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Without Love

I was yielding to my husband, after his firm reminder that we couldn’t afford to provide the meal for our small group.  We had agreed that I could contribute one dish each week.   I decided on a chicken salad because I had the needed supplies on hand.   Saturday evening I stood at the kitchen counter, running on empty, going through the motions, preparing a salad without love.  The truths of I Corinthians 13 came to mind.   The salad was a tiny sacrifice, nothing compared to giving my body to be burned.    Nevertheless, any sacrifice made without love profits me nothing.

The following morning as I sipped my cup of coffee and studied the beautiful morning sky, I found myself  praying Matthew West’s song, Motions.  “I don’t want to go through the motions without your all consuming passion inside of me.”

Lord,  my well is dry.  Fill me with your passion once again so that my service is driven by my love for you, by my gratitude to you.   May your love for the others in my life be poured out on them through me.   May my chicken salad nourish souls, as well as bodies.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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