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The Word of God

Delbert was in the twilight of his life when God added him to the fabric of our lives.  My husband and I were young and idealistic, eager to serve our first congregation, as we closed the chapter of our lives called seminary.  Delbert was wise;  long life and old in the Lord wise.  We esteemed him and rightly so.  To know him was a rich gift.  One Sunday Delbert testified, ” I don’t know if it is Howard’s preaching or my age, but I have never loved the word of God so dearly.”   My husband was a fine preacher.  I sat under his preaching for 10 years and can attest to that.   At the time of Delbert’s testimony, I told Howard to hold on to that compliment because in a lifetime he might never get one that was as significant.    We knew that Delbert’s love for the word of God had more to do with his love for God than my husband’s preaching.

Delbert has long been one of the cloud of witnesses in heaven, and we are now in the late afternoon of our lives.   We can say that we have never loved the word of God more dearly.   It is the bread we hunger for in the morning as we begin each new day.   It is sweeter than honey and more precious than gold.   The very words spoken by a loving God to the children who love him more with each passing year.

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